11 Transmission Diagnostic Codes Present

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Code 11


The powertrain control module, used on vehicles equipped with automatic transaxles, contains an engine control module (EC) and a transaxle control module (TC). These control modules communicate internally over a serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus.

When the transaxle control module (TC) detects a malfunction in the automatic transaxle, a code is stored in the transmission control module's memory and an indication is sent to the engine control module to turn on the SERVICE ENGINE SOON telltale.

If the ALDL is grounded, the transaxle codes flash on the SHIFT TO D2 telltale (or "HOT" telltale on 1993 and later) located in the instrument cluster.

Code Parameters

  • Code 11 will set if the PCM/TC has set a transaxle code.

Diagnostic Aids

   * Search the scan tool for stored transaxle codes.
   * Select TCM trouble codes.
   * When the PCM/TC codes are cleared, Code 11 will also be cleared from general information but not from MALF history.
   * Code 11 will not set if transaxle flags are present.