54 Five Volt Reference Grounded

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The five volt reference circuit provides a signal voltage to the handwheel sensor, MAP sensor, and TPS. The return line is grounded through the PCM. Flag 54 detects a short to ground in any of the three, five volt reference circuits or inside the PCM.

Information Flag Parameters

Information Flag 54 will set if:

  • MAP sensor signal is zero.
  • Handwheel sensor signal is zero (if equipped).
  • TPS signal is zero.

Diagnostic Aids

  • When attempting to diagnose an intermittent problem, use the Scan Tool to review supplemental diagnostic information. The supplemental data can be used to duplicate a problem. Select MALF History from Scan Tool EC menu.
  • Check the tightness of the female terminal grip with a spare male terminal.
  • The engine must meet the flag setting conditions in order to diagnose the code.

NOTICE: Information flags should be used for diagnostic purposes only. They do not necessarily indicate component malfunction/failure.

IMPORTANT: Vehicles without handwheel sensors are still equipped with the wiring for the sensor, Except for the base model ("ZF" 4th and 5th digit of VIN).