76 TP Sensor Voltage vs Map Voltage - Out of Range

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The PCM has an internal table that looks at MAP sensor values with respect to TPS values. When their relationship to each other falls outside normal operating ranges (example: high vacuum during wide open throttle) Flag 76 will be set.

Information Flag Parameters

Information Flag 76 will set if:

  • The TPS vs MAP sensor relationship is not consistent with normal engine operation.


  • Information Flag 76 indicates that either the TPS or MAP sensor is skewed outside its normal operating range.
  • Check TPS and MAP sensor connectors for corrosion. Check PCM connector for corrosion.
  • Move throttle and check TPS voltage readings on Scan Tool.
  • At a closed throttle position, the output of the TPS is low (approximately 0.4 volts). As the throttle plate opens, the output increases so that, at wide open throttle, the output voltage should be approximately 4.9 volts.
  • When attempting to diagnose an intermittent problem, use the Scan Tool to review supplemental diagnostic information. The supplemental data can be used to duplicate a problem. Select MALF History from Scan Tool EC menu.
  • Check the tightness of the female terminal grip with a spare male terminal.

NOTICE: Information flags should be used for diagnostic purposes only. They do not necessarily indicate component malfunction/failure.