OBD1 Powertrain Control Module Components

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The OBD1 PCM has two main boards, the larger of the two for engine functions, and the seperate board only present in Automatic Transmission PCMs.

Part Number Function
16146451 EPROM
16079435 Custom misc. SPI I/O port, EST interface, P&H injector driver controller, some random signal buffers
54995 Custom limp home fuel controller chip.
64606 Serial Data Interface for ALDL 8192 BAUD
34992 Power Supply Controller
34993 IAC Driver
16180566 Fuel Pump Relay Driver
34987 O2 Sensor Amp
35013 Crystal
42368 Quad Driver (2)
16129165 Motorola 68HC11 Microprocessor and EEPROM (built-in)