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The GM auto dimming rear view mirror
Why not a gauge pod? Because I don't like the flashy appearance of a bunch of gauges. So instead I decided to put the JAW display into a rear view mirror. A little modification to the mirror is required, the most time consuming being the removal of the mirror backing to create a window.

Creating a window

In order to see the display, the backing material on the glass and a chunk of the plastic that the circuit mounts to will need removing. For this you will need:
  • A sharp knife.
  • Some steel wool.
  • A ruler or vernier caliper.
  • Something to mark with.

Plastic circuit mount

The controller board and mirror without the case
After measuring the needed space, mark the plastic so you know where to cut. I used a sharp knife, and scored the plastic deep. It will make things a lot easier to use the knife to cut the foam tape underneath the plastic. After scoring and cutting the tape, I used a small pair of flat pliers to remove the chunk.


Notch cut from plastic circuit mount, and markings for 40x13mm display
After Marking the area of the window with a pencil, I scrapped the varnish away with a sharp knife, this takes a little patience but be careful not to scrape outside the window area.

Reflective metal

Varnish scraped away with knife, Silver/Copper removed with steel wool
The reflective silver and copper material can now be easily removed with a bit of steel wool.

Completed window

View from the front
Now there is a window, large enough for a WBo2 display.

Display Board Mod

Parts in place with jumpered LED display
There isn't alot of space for the components in the mirror case. In order to fit it all I needed to jumper the LED display to the display board. I used a bit of ribbon cable.

Completed Display

Hole cut in case for display board connector
Rear view mirror WBo2 display in action
Tested and working.