JAW Assembly

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This is mostly just copied from the documentation that comes with the JAW-DEPLOY package.

Package Contents

The components that come in the kit
The PCB that comes in the kit

Table 1: JAW 1.03 Components List – Summary

Component Quantity
0.1uf Electrolytic Capacitor 1
1uf Electrolytic Capacitor 10
100uf Electrolytic Capacitor 2
62 ohm Resistor %1 1
2k/2.2k ohm Resistor %5 4
5k/4.7k ohm Resistor %1 2
10k ohm Resistor %1 4
1n4746a Zener Diode 1
10uh Inductor 1
Atmega88 Microcontroller 1
Max232 IC 1
LM324 Quad Op Amp 1
LM7805 voltage regulator 1
LM317t voltage regulator 1
Heatsink for LM317t 1
Screw for Heatsink 1
RS232 Female Connector 1
Screw Terminal 1
16 Pin IDC Connector 1
Female Spade Connectors 8
JAW PCB Board 1

Table 2: JAW 1.03 Component List- Detailed

Name on PCB Name Value
R1 Resistor 10k
R2 Resistor 5k/4.7k
R3 Resistor 10k
R4 Resistor 5k/4.7k
R5 Resistor 2k/2.2k
R6 Resistor 2k/2.2k
R7 Resistor 10k
R8 Resistor 10k
R9 Resistor 2k/2.2k
R10 Resistor 2k/2.2k
R11 Resistor 62
C1 Electrolytic Capacitor 100uf
C2 Electrolytic Capacitor 100uf
C3 Electrolytic Capacitor 0.1uf
C4 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
C5 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
C6 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
C7 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
C8 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
C9 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
C10 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
C11 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
C12 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
C13 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uf
D1 Diode 1N4746a
L1 Inductor 10uh
CONN1 Screw Terminal
CONN2 RS232 Port-Female
JP1 16 Pin IDC Connector
LM324 LM324
Atmega Atmega88
Max232 Max232
LM7805 LM7805
LM317 LM317t
HEATSINK Heatsink for LM317t
Screw Screw for mounting Heatsink to LM317t
Female Spade Connectors

Soldering JAW

The strategy for completing the kit quickly is to solder the shortest components first, this makes the components flush with the board when you flip it over to solder.


5k resistors maybe substituted with 4.7k resistors and 2k resistors maybe substituted with 2.2k resistors. R4 which has not value labeled on the PCB is 5k or 4.7k.
Board with resistors

Inductor and Diode

The diode should be mounted so that the stripe end points downward. The inductor looks like a fat green resistor.
Inductor added

LM317, Atmega88, Max232

ICs added

Screw Terminal and 16 Pin IDC Connector

The IDC connector is labeled as “JP1” on the JAW PCB board, it is just beneath the Serial Port. On the IDC connector there is a small triangle symbol, this symbol indicates pin 1.
Connectors added

Capacitors and Serial Port

The long lead of the capacitor is the positive, and the short lead is negative, the negative lead is also marked as “-“ on the capacitor itself. The positive lead goes into the hole marked “+”, left hole. The negative lead goes into the right hole.
Caps and port added


LM7805 added


Using the supplied screw, mount the Heatsink to the LM317t, if you have heatsink compound it would be a good idea to use some. Solder the LM317 to the PCB.
LM317 & heatsink

Completed unit

Image of a completed unit.
Complete unit

JAW Display assembly

If you have ordered the DIY Display unit, proceed to the next section.

LED Display-Package Contents

Display kit contents

Soldering the Display

This is easy enough, so I will not go into detail. R12 is 2k or 2.2k ohms. Just remember that he triangle symbol on the IDC connector indicates pin 1.
Display Assembled