Second Generation Fog-light circuit retrofit

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After installing aftermarket fog-lights on a Saturn with a 2nd generation dash, I decided to connect everything up using the factory fog-light circuit. The schematic of the system can be seen below.

Schematic of the 2nd gen fog system

Install The Switch Pod

This is the easy part of the whole thing, Saturn made this easy by including the fog-light wiring from the pod connector to the junction block, even on vehicles not equipped with fogs from the factory.

Remove the the little push lock from either side of the console shroud, by pushing from the back.
This is the harness connector for the switch pod. Note that the circled fog light wires are in the harness. These run into the under-hood junction/fuse block
This is the original with only a rear defrost switch.
Depress these tabs to remove the pod.
Insert the pod with a fog-light switch until the tabs click in.

Install Underhood Fuse Block Components


|In order to connect fog lights using the factory switch, wiring, relay, and fuse in a vehicle that did not come equipped with fog-lights you will need a few small components. You will need 6 junction block to fuse panel jumpers, and 1 I/P connector pin with a lead. These can be salvaged from an under-hood block at the junk yard.

This is what these parts look like

Getting at the junction block

This whole thing will be a lot easier if you remove a few things before hand. First disconnect the ground from the battery with the 8mm wrench/socket of your choice. Next remove the battery retainer bracket. Then remove the fuse cover, and remove all the fuses and relays. Finally remove the 2 10mm bolts and you will be able to lift the fuse cover off, exposing the jumper area.

Disconnect the ground wire and remove the battery retainer.
remove the fuse block cover.
Here is the block with all the fuses and relays installed.
Remove everything from the fuse panel.

Adding jumpers

There are a total of 6 jumpers that need to be installed on the correct tabs. Once these are installed you can replace the fuse panel cover, tighten the 2 10mm bolts back down, and reinstall the fuses.

These are the pins that you will need to install jumpers on.
Here is the result after installing the jumpers.

Adding the harness connector

You will have to install one pin connector into the harness connector on the bottom side of the junction block. Unbolt the junction block from the body by removing the 2 10mm bolts at the top-right and bottom-left if you are facing the block from the side of the car. Removal of the battery cable from the pad at the top right will make the next steps easier, this is done with a 7mm socket. Now to install that wire, to do this you will have to remove the grey colored harness connector by loosening the 7mm bolt in the middle of it. Once you have removed the connector you can slide out the comb-lock and insert the lead into the correct hole. Next replace the comb-lock, reconnect the connector and tighten down the 7mm bolt.

On the bottom side of the junction block you will need to remove the grey I/P connector.
The little blue thing is a comb-lock that will need to be removed to install the pin/wire that feeds power to your fog lights.
This is the removed comb-lock
This is the location to install the pin/wire. Then reinstall the comb-lock.

Splicing the block to your fog-lights

The last order of business is to connect your fog-lights to the lead you just added to the connector. For a long life, healthy connection it is suggested to solder and shrink tube the connection.

Splice the fog light power wire to the newly installed pin.
Solder your connection.
Shrink tube it to keep the weather out.
Final product.

Finishing up

After your connections are made, you can reinstall everything in the reverse order, add a fog-light fuse and relay, ground your fog-lights to the frame or connect into the body ground splice packs. Last part is to turn on your low-beams and press the button!

reinstall everything, then add a fuse and relay to the fog locations and you are done.